Art at the Heuriger

Starting in 2001, we hosted a variety of cultural events at our Heuriger. This means listening to traditional Viennese songs or classical music, enjoying comedy or readings by authors.

Our annual Viennese Heuriger Opera Festival is held together with Constantin Graf von Walderdorff. We were fortunate enough to welcome renowned artists and singers, who showcasing pieces such as „La Traviata“, „L´elisier d´amore“, and „Il segreto di Susanna“.

The charity concerts by „Junge Künstler spielen für Kinder“ - young artists for kids - has been held at Bernreiter in the last years, with the net avails benefiting an aid project for kids.

If you are curious what a mix of Wiener Lied - traditonal Viennese song - and Jazz sounds like, Roland Neuwirth & Extremschrammeln is playing at the Heuriger in September of almost every year.