Innovation through Tradition

In the heart of Jedlersdorf – originally a small village within Vienna, north of the river danube – the Bernreiter family has been at home for five generations. While at first agriculture and livestock were using up most of our resources, soon other fields were explored. In 1864 a grocery store was opened.

Starting from 1919, Johann Bernreiter and his wife Magdalena started to produce wine, and opened their house for guests. This was the birth of our Heuriger. Their daughter, Gerti, took on the business, and soon expanded the restaurant with aptitude and commitment.

Peter Bernreiter finished his education for viniculture in 1980. He quickly realized that Vienna was ready for true quality wine, and expanded our vineyards. His wines have since experienced recognition both nationally and internationally. Today, both the heuriger and the winery are in his hands.