Thursday • April 12th 2018

Alois Frank reads

Alois Frank, stage actor since 1985, read for us from various classics of Viennese literature, such as work by Hugo Wiener and Roda Roda.

The audience, carefully listening in, was evidently intruiged.

Tuesday • October 17th, 2017

Evergreens des Wiener Musikkabaretts

Helmut Schneeweiß played and sang classic pieces of Viennese cabaret.

With songs from
Armin Berg • Gerhard Bronner • Peter Wehle • Hermann Leopoldi • Helmut Qualtinger • Georg Kreisler • Heinz Conrads and more

Sunday • September 3rd, 2017

Ernst Molden Trio & Die Strottern

For the end of summer, the Ernst Molden Trio and Die Strottern delighted our audience.

Molden received the 2017 Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category Jazz/World/Blues, and according to Willi Resetarits, he is "the best Singer-Songwriter on God's Earth". Die Strottern remind us with their very own interpretation of the Wienerlied just why this city is so special.

Saturday • September 2nd, 2017

Reading - Hermann Bauer

Hermann Bauer, crime author from Floridsdorf, read from his new book "Stiftertod". It was a thrilling and exciting reading, with some of the very people among the audience who served as inspiration for the books protagonists.

More information regarding the book can be found on his website.

Sunday • June 25th, 2017

Charity concert

The charity concert „Young artists play for kids“ was held for the sixth time at Heuriger Bernreiter. This year, the net avails were donated to „Ein Zuhause für Bukarester Straßenkinder“ (street kids in Bucharest). More information about this and similar upcoming events can be found at (only in german).

Sunday • May 28th 2017

Viennese Heurigen Opera and Music Festival

Since 2001, the „Viennese Heurigen Opera and Music Festival“ has been held at our Heuriger in cooperation with bass-baritone Constantin Walderdorff. In 2017 we were honored to have internationally renowend artists such as Carlos Osuna and Paolo Rumetz as our leading performers, accompanied by Cécile Rumetz on the piano.

Tuesday • May 2nd, 2017

J5 Vintage Presentation

Five wine makers from Jedlersdorf (known as J5), including Peter Bernreiter, presented last years vintage at a special event.

More than 300 people tasted a variety of magnificent wines. Feedback was good, and the presentation was an overall success!

Fall of 2016

Art Gallery Helmut Kandl

From october until december of 2016 we presented art pieces by local artists at our heuriger.

It was fascinating and refreshing to see that even a small part of Vienna such as Jedlersdorf harbors creative potential that some would not expect.

Sunday • September 4th, 2016

Willi Resetarits & All Star Band + Neuwirth & Extremschrammeln

The renowned Neuwirth & Extremschrammeln played their modern interpretation of traditional Viennese music at our Heuriger. Unfortunately, this was their last concert at our restaurant, since the group decided to disband. Information about his last album can be found on

Before that, Willi Resetarits & All Star Band ensured a good atmosphere. Visit

Saturday • September 3rd, 2016

Reading - Hermann Bauer

Viennese crime novel author Hermann Bauer read from his newest book "Kostümball", in which headwaiter Leopold has to find a murderer and a thief. This was the third time that Bauer read from one of his books for us, and he gave the audience a thrilling reading.

July 3rd, 2016

Lustiger Hermann & Harry Steiner

The comedian "Der lustige Hermann" performed together with the musician "Harry Steiner". The event was a success, and both of them will visit us again on the first sunday of July 2017.

June 26th, 2016

Charity concert "Junge Künstler spielen für Kinder"

In June 2016 the charity concert "Junge Künstler spielen für Kinder" - young artists for kids - has been held at Heuriger Bernreiter. The net avails benefited an aid project for kids in need.

Information: Das Wiener Heurigen Opern- und Musikfestival

May 16th, 2016

Opera matinee

On Withmonday popular singers of the Staatsoper performed at our Heuriger. Alexandra Reinprecht, Carlos Osuna and Paolo Rumetz were accompanied on the piano by Kristin Okerlund. This year, they played Belcanto and french opera.

The event was organized by: Das Wiener Heurigen Opern- und Musikfestival

April 26th, 2016

J5 wine tasting

In April the new wines of the J5-Winerys were tasted at Heuriger Christ. We are happy that we received positive feedback on our wines.

March 31st, 2016

Tasting of the 2015 vintage

In spring, the white and red wines of the 2015 vintage were ready for a tasting. The hot summer and the right amount of rain at the right time made 2015 one of the best wine years in Vienna.

Dezember 2015

Sämtliche Leidenschaften

The Viennese author Franz Schuh read from his newest book "Sämtliche Leidenschaften" at Heuriger Bernreiter in Dezember 2015.

September 2014

A day as a movie set

In September of 2014 the actors of the TV-show SOKO Donau filmed part of an episode in our production hall.

„Trauriger Sonntag“ aired one year later in September 2015 on ORF.