Tastable Idendity

The vineyards cultivated by Peter Bernreiter are on the southern slope of the Bisamberg. They are actually still within the city limits of Vienna, and span about 12 ha.

The Bisamberg is is a rather small mountain in the north east of Vienna. It is the last mountain of the alps, and it provides quite a good view over Vienna. The soil is dominated by loess, and compromised only to a small degree by clay.

Much of the work in the vineyards is done by hand. We take care of the plants without using herbicides or insecticides.

Peter Bernreiter especially focuses on the pinot family, which has always been one of the best wines in Vienna. Of course, this also goes for the Gemischter Satz – a special field blend found in Vienna. Our Gemischter Satz DAC Gabrissen was voted the best in Vienna in 2014, and admitted to Salon Österreichische Weine in 2016.

All wines coming in a bottle are vegan.